Planning for A Bluebird Day?

A bluebird day is an extremely beautiful sunny day, usually after a long winter snowfall. For snowboard enthusiasts, it is a perfect snowshoe, skiing, or snowboarding day.

Snowboarders and skiers love bluebird days because they offer the ideal conditions for both activities.  icon The temperatures are warm enough to allow both snowboards and skis to be used, but the temperature is far too cold to allow ice to form on skis or boards. This makes snowboarding a safer activity than skiing.

When planning a snowboarding or skier day at your local ski or snowboard resort, you will want to take time in advance to prepare for the day you will be hitting the trails. Most resorts will provide snowboarding and skier's gear, but not all resorts are created equally. Here are a few things to do before heading out on your bluebird adventure:

Snowboard Boots: If you are going to go snowboarding, you will need snowboard boots. They are also known as snow shoe. Snowboarding boots have soles that are made of rubber. They are designed to withstand many different types of slopes and environments, so you will want to make sure that the boots you choose fit properly and are comfortable.

Snowboard Pants: Snowboard pants are another important piece of gear to have on your trail trip.  impression You will want to find snowboard pants that are designed to work well with snowboards. This means that the pants will be able to keep the snow out of the boots and keep your feet dry. When you are in areas that experience high moisture content, you will want to consider making changes in your snowboard pants to accommodate the environment.

Helmet: If you plan to go snowboarding or skiing, you will need a helmet. Although snowboarding or skiing may seem to be an easy sport to get into, the sport requires a certain amount of physical fitness in order to be successful. To protect your head from injuries caused by falls, accidents, it is important to purchase a snowboard helmet.

Snowboard Vest: The vest will provide a bit more protection and is recommended if you plan on hitting a challenging part of the mountains. You can get a snowboard vest with extra pockets to help you carry extra clothing, food and other items, and supplies. Be sure that you select one that is both waterproof and breathable.


Snowboard and skier's gear should always be prepared before you head out on your bluebird adventure. Take the time to pack the gear and have fun.

Snowboarding and skier's apparel: There are a variety of options available for snowboarding and skier's apparel. Most resorts will offer snowboard apparel for rent or you can buy some of the more expensive brands to prepare for your trip.

One of the most popular snowboard apparel is known as a ski-slope jacket. This type of jacket will allow you to stay warm on hot days while preventing you from getting sunburns and cold bumps and bruises. Other snowboard jackets will have hoods and drawstring waist bands.

Another popular winter attire that is highly recommended is a snowboard skirt. The skirt is similar to a ski jacket, but is thinner and allows you to wear it over your pants without it showing.  art Ski skirts have lots of pockets and are made of wool or nylon.

You can also have a snowboard skirt or boot paired with a ski jacket. These are both very durable and are made to last a long time. You will also want to get extra socks and pants. These can be changed during your trip to ensure that your footwear is dry and comfortable. Your snowboard and skier's boot set will also include other essential winter gears such as a snowboard leash, snowboard bag, snowboard shovel and ice axe, gloves, ski goggles, neck gaiter, and chest protector. These are all essentials for you to be ready for your adventures. So, be sure to pack your snowboard, skier's gear, snowboard skirt, and other winter gears before heading out on your Bluebird Day.